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Introduction of Coding into the School Curriculum

Learning to code in school is getting very popular and it has become easier for teachers to adapt. Electrical gadgets and devices are all around us and they have some level of coding involved. Computer science can be described as a set of skills that can be creatively and technically implemented in the learning environment. CS topics are interesting and they teach students to think outside the box.

Coding has been rapidly becoming the most desired skill in the past decade. In a nutshell, code is the language that is used to communicate with computers and it is used to create websites, apps, games, and more. Some of the most popular languages are Python and Java among numerous others.

5 Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Coding:

  • Encourage hands-on play. There are more and more toys that, through experiential learning, teach the building blocks of coding.

  • Utilize free online resources for introducing the basics of coding to your students

  • Inviting coding tutors or conducting workshops during school can be effective

  • Introduce interactive apps that teach coding into the learning environment

Why is Coding Important for Schools?

Students can understand the world better

Almost all of us use mobile phones, computers, tablets to browse the internet or play video games. But we don't really have the knowledge behind how these devices and applications run. Students can get more insight into this increasingly digital world and look into the numerous opportunities tied with coding.

Coding improves creativity

Computer coding is known to scientifically to improve creativity and logical thinking. The challenge associated with coding will be good for school students early in their journey so they can be better prepared for academic subjects based on mathematics and logic.

Competitive advantage for internships and jobs

Coding is now a must-have skill for multiple industries due to the increasing digital presence. Students who have basic or intermediate knowledge of coding have an immediate advantage over their peers to select jobs and internships. It can also show recruiters that a student is willing to learn new skills. Persistence is required in the face of challenges and coding can help build that skill in students.

Coding may not be fun for young students, keep careful tabs on your students' enjoyment factor, and feel free to make adjustments to the curriculum from week to week. Many developers enjoy volunteering and your school could easily get a hold of them for your own workshops. In a fully online world, coding workshops can also be easily conducted virtually with help of video conferencing tools such as Skype.

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