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About EazySchool


EazySchool is the most trusted e-governance ERP product in India. It is a cloud-based  solution that enables students, parents, teachers and school administration to co-create, collaborate and succeed through a single streamlined interface. 


Built on the foundational principles of Innovation, Compliance, Data Security and Transparency, Eazyschool has been time tested and proved to increase efficiency of institutional processes while saving tons in terms of time and costs.  

With the seamless integration of every stakeholder in the school, EazySchool's provides users the perfect digital environment. Parents can track every detail of their child's academic performance while being updated with the latest developments, events and announcements of the school. Teachers can easily track their class performance, set up online assessments for students as well as improve their quality of education with data insights. Students can track their academic performance and instantaneously get in contact with their teachers for help. Logistics and institutional processes are simplified so school administration can focus on improving their quality of education and brand. 

Key Features

  • Online Quizzes/Exams

  • Simple and Intuitive Mobile Apps 

  • Admission Management

  • Fee Management 

  • 1 Click - Report Generation, Timetable Generation 

          ....and much more!



Is your School Future Ready?

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