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Why does your School need an ERP solution?

1. Communication Gap

Communication Gap between teachers, students, and parents is one of the vital issues that lots of schools are facing. Effective communication is essential for the proper academic performance of pupils, but a lot of schools fail to execute successful communication between teachers, students, and parents.

A school management system helps to efficiently communicate, with the support of technology. Everybody is connected through mobile apps or web apps, and any information that has to be sent can be done effortlessly with SMS or instant messaging. This avoids a significant number of telephone phone calls and also saves time.

2. Inventory Management

A school has a large number of assets such as documents, libraries, transport services, etc. Managing these assets isn’t simple, it requires a whole lot of effort and meticulous planning.

ERP solutions or School Management systems have distinct modules for inventory management. One can manage hostels, libraries, school buses, and much more within a few clicks.

3. Attendance Maintenance

Tracking attendance in the traditional way with pen and paper is often a challenging job. Teachers can get frequently confused with a large number of attendance records as well. Sorting students based on attendance, retrieving a particular student’s attendance details, etc. are not easy with the traditional attendance system.

A school management system can solve all these issues. It offers paperless attendance management which is very easy for teachers to use and data is readily available at the fingertips.

4. Fees and Accounting

Fees collection and accounting is always a daunting task for schools. Manually generating invoices, keeping track of the financials, and even collecting fees in person requires a lot of time and human effort. A school management system can automate accounting and comes with features such as online payment which is very convenient for parents and administration alike. School accountants can efficiently manage and calculate payments by using the built-in accounting module.

5. Bulk Data Management

An increasing number of students bring along a vast amount of data that needs to be organized and stored.

By implementing a school management system, bulk data management will become easy and effortless. Using report generation with this data can also provide powerful insights and trends that can help school administrations to make more informed decisions.

6. During Bulk Admission

Admission season is the busiest time for schools, every year hundreds of thousands of students switch schools and get promoted Entering all the new student information is a difficult task if you are still using the paper-based data managing system. All the chaos can be avoided with ERP solutions with their digitalization of applications, sorting and efficient tracking of application statuses. EazySchool offers powerful management and editing tools for admissions.

7. Security

The security of the students is one of the top priorities for every school. Installing a school management system will mostly improve overall security with features such as bus/route tracking for transport and more personal interaction between students and teachers. EazySchool offers dedicated modules for live tracking of students, school transports, etc.


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